Welcome to Grant County!

The Grant County Economic Growth Council is the local economic development organization for Grant County, Indiana. The Growth Council exists to facilitate investment and reinvestment for job retention and creation, working to make Grant County one of the best places to live, learn, work and retire in Indiana. Whether you’re a big or small business, a native of Grant County or a new resident, the Growth Council is here as your go-to resource for all things Grant County! Explore our website or give us a call to learn more.

Welcome to Grant County, Indiana, conveniently located in Indiana’s east central portion of the I-69 Corridor; the midpoint between metro-cities Fort Wayne and Indianapolis. Explore this site to find out all about the business resources and environment Grant County has to offer.

At a glance Grant County may not appear like a community that will turn heads, but look closer and you’ll see this community has a lot to offer! With two world-class higher education institutions, Taylor University, and Indiana Wesleyan University, plus a state-of-the-art Ivy Tech Community College in the area, this community is home to several top tier educational resources. Grant County also houses some of the most successful manufacturing and distribution plants in Indiana and the nation, including a General Motors (GM) metal-stamping plant, a Wal-Mart Distribution Center, a Cafe Valley production facility, and Dollar General Distribution Center to name a few.

When it comes to industries, the county is involved with renewable energy, agriculture, distribution, business services and a variety of manufacturing. Its proximity to major U.S. highways and state roads makes it accessible from other major cities such as Chicago, Detroit, and Louisville. Not to mention, the affordable homes, land, and taxes make Grant County an ideal home for any business.

Grant County also boasts many local & historical attractions, most famously the Mississinewa 1812 Festival and James Dean Festival. Between the unique local businesses, historical and natural features, and outdoor activities available, Grant County offers many of the big-city amenities all within the comfort of small-town life.




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