The State Praises Grant County’s Grants for Grad program

Secretary Blair Milo’s Visit to Grant County for the Citizen’s Advisory Council
Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch’s Visit to Grant County, discussing the Grants for Grads program with Victoria Herring

When Secretary Blair Milo, the State’s Secretary of Career Connections and Talent, visited Grant County last week for the Citizen’s Advisory Council, she praised Grant County’s talent attraction efforts—especially, the Grant for Grads program. Intrigued by the program, Secretary Milo requested further data and information on the program following her visit. Her follow-up email praised the program’s “creativity and local innovation towards creating unique solutions.”

Just a week previous, Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch visited Grant County, and after learning about the Grants for Grads program, had requested further information and praised the program’s success. “Kudos to you and your team for such an innovative concept,” she wrote in a follow-up email.

Not only has Grant County’s Grants for Grads program recently received widespread national media attention, but the program also continues to receive recognition by the State of Indiana as a truly innovative solution to widespread talent attraction issues.


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