Mayor Alumbaugh Honors Country Café and Bakery’s Request for River Bank Clean-Up

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018 (Marion, IN) – Country Café and Bakery, a local restaurant alongside the Mississinewa River in downtown Marion, celebrates a rejuvenated river bank behind their restaurant.

Country Café and Bakery was the first recipient of The Grant County Economic Growth Council’s CHARM Grant on March 7th 2018, a newly launched $1000 matching grant targeting highly visible community impact projects, such as façade improvements, awning replacements, sidewalk repairs, occupancy of a vacant storefronts etc.

At the acceptance of The CHARM Grant, owner Rachael Creech announced her plans for the grant money: adding more visible signage; expanding their kitchen space; installing a deck area that overlooks the river; and finally, cleaning up the weeds and debris along the river bank—not only an eye sore to the area but a hindrance to the Mississinewa River Walk.

Just one week later, Mayor Alumbaugh walked into Country Café and Bakery to inform the Creechs’ that he had brought the City Wide Maintenance and Community Corrections crew to clean-up the river bank. “We just burst into tears,” Rachael says of her and her mother Terri Creech, “We were so excited!”

The river bank behind Country Café and Bakery, formerly overrun by weeds and debris, is now covered in a layer of stone pebbles, and the formerly cracked, rotting stair case to the Mississinewa River Walk, is now replaced by new plywood.

The Creechs’ look forward to using their CHARM Grant money for new signage and the installation of a deck area overlooking their newly cleaned-up river walk—as one of their projects has now been taken care of by Mayor Alumbaugh and his team at City Hall.

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Inside Restaurant
Rejuvenated River Bank Behind Restaurant
River Walk Staircase


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