Grant County Receives Sanborn Workforce Ready Grant

11/22/2017 Marion, IN— As Indiana Governor Eric J. Holcomb rolls out Indiana’s Next Level Jobs initiative, Grant County take steps forward into developing its own upcoming workforce.

Holcomb’s initiative features two new grant programs: the Workforce Ready Grant, dedicated to helping adults “skill-up” to fulfill jobs in high demand industries, and the Employer Training Grant, developed to help off-set the cost of training new employees. However, Grant County has just received its own grant from its Community Foundation of Grant County: the Sanborn Workforce Ready Grant.

On Wednesday, November 15th Project Leadership and Grant County Economic Growth Council accepted the Sanborn Workforce Ready Grant. This grant allocates $40,000 each year, over the span of five years, for the purpose of “preparing young people to enter the workforce with the skills they need to be successful.”

The Sanborns were a successful Grant County family who did not choose the educational path but rather, became successful through discipline, hard work, and diligence. They donated to the Community Foundation of Grant County with the desire that their funds would be used to educate high school students on work ethic, discipline, and alternate career pathways.

The Growth Council and Project Leadership will collaborate their efforts to connect high school students to employment opportunities and implement training, educational, and mentorship programs. Going into the 2018 year, The Growth Council and Project Leadership will develop a strategic plan for allocation of the Sanborn Workforce Ready Grant funds. We are excited for Grant County organizations to begin working together to collectively impact our community and its arising workforce.

Project Leadership is local nonprofit organization that works with local high schools to improve quality of life and the economic health of communities.

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