Cafe Valley Breaks Ground

img_cafevally-aShovels and pastries were the talk of the town at yesterday’s groundbreaking event for Café Valley, the baked goods supplier from Phoenix, Arizona that recently selected Marion, IN out of 50 communities for its new eastern facility. The Grant County community gathered on site to support this new venture as they enjoyed tasty treats, heard from community leaders, and met the Café Valley team.

“Here we grow again!” said Mayor Wayne Seybold at the opening of the ceremony. Seybold expressed his support and excitement for the project, noting that Marion will be gaining a quality employer.

Congresswoman Susan Brooks also expressed her support for the project and the Grant County community. She was impressed with Mayor Seybold and other community leaders who are forward-thinking and aggressive in their efforts to attract new business, as well as with Mayor Larry Leach of Gas City and other neighboring guests who attended the groundbreaking in support of Marion’s new development.

img_cafevally-bPictured: Congresswoman Susan Brooks and Cafe Valley President and CEO Ron Ogan address the Grant County community at Cafe Valley East groundbreaking

According to Café Valley President and CEO Ron Ogan, the company ships baked goods to more than 59,000 distribution centers throughout the United States and approximately 50 countries. To answer the question of “Why Marion?” Ogan stated, “It’s all about people and community.”

Café Valley East will be located in the southern portion of the former Thompson Consumer Electronics site on the northeast corner of South Adams and 38th Streets. It is expected to be up and running in early 2014 and create 200 jobs within its first year of operation. Café Valley VP of Marketing Amy Armstrong said the company will be advertising positions on their website and Facebook page as well as on the radio and in the newspaper in the coming months.