Our Growth

The Grant County Economic Growth Council goal is to facilitate investment and reinvestment for job retention and creation within Grant County, Indiana. The organization is known for its track record of working at the “speed of business” and with over $2.5 billion in local investment dollars since 2000, we understand what it takes to make a project happen. Our goal is to be a collaborative and innovative organization while maintaining a reputation of success as we continue to strive to meet your needs.

Significant Economic Events


Month Entity Industry Event
 February  General Cable  Manufacturing  Announced $18 million expansion project which will create 30 new jobs


Month Entity Industry Event
 April  Indiana Wesleyan University  Education  Announced $15 million investment for football stadium
 August  General Motors Metal Fabrication  Automotive  Announced $91 million investment for plant improvements
 September  Earthwise Plastics  Manufacturing  Purchased former Echelon building in Gas City, announced plans for expansion from Marion facility


Month Entity Industry Event
 April  American Woodmark  Manufacturing  Announced $2 million expansion project
 December  Huhtamaki  Manufacturing  Announced $10 million investment and 30 new jobs


Month Entity Industry Event
 April  Dunham’s  Distribution  Announced a $30 million project to construct a new 750,00 square foot distribution center
 December  Dunham’s  Distribution  Begins operating in new distribution center creating 135 new jobs


Month Entity Industry Event
 February  Atlas Foundry  Manufacturing  Announced a $1 million modernization project
 February  Franklin Electric  Manufacturing  Announced $600,000 modernization project
 March  Weaver Popcorn  Food Processing  Began a $12 million modernization and capacity expansion project
 May  Cafe Valley  Food Processing  Breaks ground on $48 million, 250,000 square foot facility. Expects operations in 2014, hiring 200 employees the first year
 May  Huhtamaki  Manufacturing  Announced a $2 million expansion project creating 38 new jobs
 October  Central Indiana Ethanol  Food Processing  Announced a $20 million expansion project


Month Entity Industry Event
 January  American Woodmark Manufacturing Hires 400 new employees
 March  Exeon Corporation  Manufacturing  Announced expansion of their Jonesboro facility creating 20+ jobs
 April  Hobby Lobby, Pet Smart & TJ Maxx  Retail  Breaks ground on $6 million new facilities
 April  Indiana Wesleyan University Education Announced $42.8 million health and science facility
 August  Butterworth Industries Manufacturing Announced the construction of a clean room expansion for Gas City plant
 December  Cafe Valley Food Processing Announced Marion as their East Coast production location creating 400 jobs


Month Entity Industry Event
January  MainStreet, LLC Healthcare  Announced $8 million new rehabilitation and assisted living center
 March  Kohl’s Department Store Retail  Breaks ground on a $5 million new shopping center
 May  Dana Holding Automotive  Announced the closure of Dana Driveshaft Marion, in 2013 would relocate to Mexico
 May  E. On Climate Renewables  Energy  Announced a $278 million wind farm to be built in western Grant County
 August  Agricor  Food Processing  Announced a $10 million expansion and modernization
 September  Rose’s Department Store Retail Announced Marion as its first Indiana location
 September  Dollar General Distribution Announced the hiring of 100 additional jobs at the Marion distribution center
 September  Indiana Wesleyan University Education Announced the establishment of the Graduate School of Nursing and Health Science
 September  American Woodmark  Manufacturing Announced a $2 million expansion


Month Entity Industry Event
October  Echelon Furniture Manufacturing  Announced Gas City as its North American manufacturing and central USA distribution center with 350 jobs
 December  TriEnda, LLC  Manufacturing Announced closure following a dispute with a customer, resulting in a loss of 60 jobs


Month Entity Industry Event
February  Grant County Government  Celebrated over $100,045,000 of new private investments in 2008, bringing the 9 year total to $1,136,045,000
 February  Prime PVC Compounders  Manufacturing Closed with a loss of 30 jobs due to a company wide reorganization
March  Martin Transportation Transportation Closed a local trucking terminal with a loss of 90 jobs as part of the company restructures
April  Meijer Retail  Opens the new supercenter in Marion, creating 200 jobs
 June  General Cable Manufacturing Announced a $5 million expansion and modernization project
 July  Avionic Structures Automotive Invested $117 million in new equipment creating 50 new jobs
 August  General Motors Metal Fabrication Automotive Increased investment to $383 million and 263 new jobs
November  Big R Retail Opens a new 100,000 square foot facility in Marion


Month Entity Industry Event
March  Meijer  Retail  Began construction of their new supercenter in Marion
 September  Titan Recovery  Office Support  Closed, affecting 100 employees
 October  TriEnda, LLC  Manufacturing  Announced their relocation from Wisconsin to the former Thompson plant in Marion, plans to create 340 jobs by 2012


Month Entity Industry Event
January  IBM, Phoenix Technologies & ACS  Office Support Located a corporate service center in Marion, creating 200 jobs
 February  Indiana Corrugated Manufacturing Expanded their Marion operations and relocated corporate headquarters to Marion
 April  Arbor Homes Real Estate Announced a 227 lot single family housing project
 December  FSSA Finance  Expanded their corporate service center in Marion to include an additional 41,000 square feet and announced 90 more jobs


Month Entity Industry Event
January  Matthew’s Feed & Grain  Food Processing  Announced a $2 million expansion
 January  Indiana Wesleyan University Education  Announced a $40 million new building project, including a new graphic arts building
 July  Star Financial Bank Finance Announced a $4.5 million new downtown bank building
 July Packaging Corporation of America Manufacturing Announced a $1 million modernization project
 September  Franklin Electric Manufacturing Announced a $1 million building expansion, creating 28 jobs
 December  EPOCO Manufacturing Located a new manufacturing  plant in Marion, creating 40 jobs
 December  American Woodmark  Manufacturing Announced a $15 million modernization and expansion project


Month Entity Industry Event
 January  Preferred Community Services & Titan Recovery  Office Support Located in Marion and created 250 new jobs
 January  Wal-Mart  Distribution  Selected Gas City site for a $60 million distribution center, bringing 850 new jobs
 January  Central Indiana Ethanol  Food Processing  Announced $58 million in new investment, creating 40 new jobs
 May  Winterfield  Manufacturing  Located in Marion, including their headquarters, creating 40 new jobs
 May  Dollar General Distribution Invested $70 million in a distribution center in Marion, bringing 500 new jobs
 October Dana Holding  Automotive  Announced a $14 million modernization project, creating 23 new jobs
 November JSC Processing  Manufacturing Created 150 jobs


Month Entity Industry Event
January Marion & Grant County Government Became the first Indiana community to repeal the Inventory tax
 March Thompson Multimedia Manufacturing Announced the closing of the 1,800 employee picture tube facility
 August General Motors Metal Fabrication Automotive Announced a $134 million new investment in Marion
 August  Indiana Wesleyan University Education Broke ground on new $8 million adult and professional studies building, part of an expansion to double enrollment and create 300 jobs
 October  Weaver Popcorn Food Processing Announced a multi-million dollar expansion in Van Buren
 October  Double “H” Manufacturing Manufacturing Announced a $7 million expansion resulting in 20 new jobs



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