About the Growth Council

The mission of the Grant County Economic Growth Council is “to facilitate investment and reinvestment for job retention and creation.”

For 33 years the Grant County Economic Growth Council has worked to bring business growth and economic progress to Grant County, Indiana. The Growth Council works to:

  • Support local business expansion
  • Foster the entrepreneurial environment
  • Collaborate with local organizations and educational institutions
  • Attract business to Grant County
  • Build up and retain a skilled workforce

The Growth Council is a 501(c)3 non-profit with 3 full time staff members and a seasonal intern. Meet the Growth Council staff.

View a comprehensive list of the Growth Council programming.

The Growth Council had a great 2018 year! See our 2018 Year in Review.



“The Grant County Growth Council has gone to great lengths not once but twice to help us secure new locations. The Growth Council staff will go to great efforts to help with any expansion or startup project that you may be involved with”

– Bob Kramer, Canines Choice

“Every time that we have expanded, the Growth Council has been at our side helping us along.”

– Steve Wickes, Agricor

“The environment provided by Grant County and support provided by the community led us to expand our operations, three times over ten years.”

– Mike Beckman, Amcast Automotive

“The Growth Council has been an outstanding partner in working through tax opportunities and training grants at the state level. They were very helpful to our leadership team in making contacts in the local business community. They continue to help our operation stay current on changes in state and local government.”

– Scott Murphy, Wal-Mart Distribution Center

“We were the first business recruited by Tim Eckerle when the Growth Council was developed. The organization has been very helpful when we began our business in Jonesboro, and when expanded our business to Gas City.Their staff has also been instrumental in helping us with an infrastructure grant, training grants, real estate zoning, and tax abatements on new expansions and equipment.”

– R.D.Jones, Franklin Electric

“The Grant County Economic Growth Council has been an incredible help to our efforts to bring a wind farm to Grant County. When we first starting looking at the area as a place to do business, the Growth Council team were the first people I got in touch with. Their knowledge of the community helped us quickly find a title company, an excellent local attorney, and was a big help in our initial outreach efforts to the landowners. The Growth Council has a unique ability to make big things happen in Grant County while keeping lighthearted and personable attitudes throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend the Growth Council team to anyone looking to relocate in Indiana. Grant County has been a great place for us to do business.”

– Andy Melka, E.On Climate Renewables



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