Major Employers

Grant County, Indiana has a wide range of employers. Many are nationally known companies that have grown to prominence from their start-up here and maintain their headquarters in the county. A great many are national companies that have a major presence in our area.

Products vary from furniture manufacturing to metal stamping plants, from steel foundrys to call centers and from distribution centers to popcorn.

Our workforce is well-trained with a strong work ethic and supported by our excellent education system for all age levels and needs.

Grant County has several “home grown” employers, such as Weaver Popcorn, the Collins Group, Tree of Life Bookstores, Celular Connection, and Hartson-Kennedy, to name a few, who are joined by national concerns such as Wal-Mart, Dollar General, American Woodmark, and General Motors. Many of these companies have a long history in the market and are joined by a wide variety of businesses from banking to health care, and from printing to customer service centers.

For a complete list of major employers, download the [2014 Employers Chart] pdf