Links to Locals

Links to Locals is a partnership between the Grant County Economic Growth Council and the Marion-Grant County Chamber of Commerce to match Prospective Grant County Residents with Current Grant County Residents.

The internet has changed our access to information. Instead of calling the local Chamber of sifting through the Yellow Phone Books, data and phone numbers are just a click away. Yet, the internet cannot offer you personal connections. The internet cannot offer you access to the people of a place, the palpable culture of a place, the flavor of the local coffee shop or park. Links to Locals offers you a way to learn about Grant County through the eyes and the ears of the people who call this place home.

Prospective residents will complete a form and indicate specific areas of interest (schools, housing, amenities, local jobs etc.) and the will be paired, based on indicated interests, with a local volunteer that can answer their specific questions. Prospective residents will also indicate their preferred method of interaction – text/emails, phone/skype, or face-to-face meetings.

Prospective Residents

Are you considering relocating to Grant County? Are you in the process of moving to Grant County? Have you recently moved to Grant County? If you are interested in engaging in a conversation with a current Grant County resident, please fill out the form here.

Once you complete the form, we will send you an email connecting you to a local resident to have your questions answered!

Current Residents

Are you passionate about Grant County? Do you enjoy welcoming people to Grant County? Do you know a lot about Grant County? If you are a current Grant County resident interested in volunteering for Links to Locals, please fill out the form here.

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